Why Choose Us?

Fire Retardant

Our UPVC materials comply with the UL94 Flame Class V-0 standards (the standard test requirement by the United Laboratories of USA)

Water Proof

UPVC doors are non-permeable in nature, giving it a waterproof sheen that other conventional doors do not.

Termite Free

UPVC doors do not suffer from termite infestation.


UPVC doors come in wide variety of finished products. To add versatility to our products, we can also customize to specific client request.

Easy Installation Process

With its lightweight properties, the installation process is made easier.


The composition of UPVC doors materials makes for a longer economic life as oppose to conventional doors. With its waterproof qualities, non-corrosive nature, termite free property and easy maintenance, UPVC doors make economic sense.

Green Product

Made up of 100% recyclable materials, our products meet stringent "green" criteria classificaions.